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Vanguard Volatility Hub

UX Designer

The Challenge

During times of market fluctuations, we had an opportunity to build credibility by activating thought leadership, build relationships by easing the anxiety of less experienced investors, and attract attention to the Personal Advisor Services offer.

The Process

The tone of the page will offer the same sense of expertise and reassurance you’d receive in a conversation with an advisor. The design will feel welcoming and empowering. The page will include multimedia and interaction. The page will tell a story about volatility that mimics an advisor conversation—offering empathy, perspective, and hope.

The Outcome

All users find material that resonates, and allow them to feel understood and more in control of their money. They are also aware of Vanguard Personal Advisor Services and how it can help. Users see Vanguard as a trusted source that offers empathy, valuable perspective, and hope for the future.

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