Vanguard Personal Advisor Services AdvicePilot

UX Strategist, Sketch, InVision,

The Goal

Our goal was to develop a feature with chat-like experience that felt more personalized, and determine if a user was fit for personal advice. We wanted to build more confidence for the user and their decision making process, but lead them into the right shopping path if they were not committed to personal advice.

The Process

I started out creating a design strategy based off the previous year's research and real-time quiz data that they had currently living on their product page. It included users feedback on look and feel, call to action placement, and messaging. The biggest benefactor was the user flow and the content development of AdvicePilot. The flow made sure to hit all the right questions and off-ramps, so that the user felt like it was more of a conversation rather then yes/no questionnaire.

The Outcome

This experiment turnout out well. We did notice that the off-ramps did direct users down the right path and into a better shopping experience. However, there was a good percentage of users who did not complete the questions being asked. The outcome was generally good, but we are looking into how we can simplify the experience along with the questions being asked so that we get a higher lift on engagement.