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UX strategy


Brenda Fletcher - UX strategist
Johnny Piccini - UX designer


Sept, 2022

Referrals from high net worth clients ($1-5MM) go entirely to advisors, or are given to prospects by current clients. This can cause confusion and slow initial onboarding for advisor services. Many advisors are receiving referral traffic, but these referrals often lack the context and information to start a timely advisor conversation.

4 Screenshots of the Good market app


We needed to create a personalized online flow that drove qualified referral traffic through the shopping experience so we could get quality leads. I wanted to build loyalty and strengthen brand connections for advised clients.

Screnshots of navigational strategy


We carefully looked at our current experience and created specific personas to reflect our audiences, and also looked at the journey user flow to make sure we followed the right actions and didn't complicate it too much. Then we partnered with our secure counterparts and added a referral gateway that led to the referral forms, a personalized email, and a campaign page where we told the person about our services.

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